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better late than never April 12, 2011

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Things have been out of control crazy this semester. I set out to be the ultimate blogger in no time but my little blog has taken a back seat to all other assignments and portfolios. These last three weeks might be the death of me.

But on a lighter note my cooperating teacher told me last week that I have turned a corner in my teaching. That is the compliment of all compliments! I finally have gotten my tier 3 kindergarten under control and they do not treat me like the sub any more. They listen and pay attention and are following directions so well. In their general ed classroom they have an intern and they all love to give her the hardest time. One of the little boys defies her everyday and he was doing the same to me until I put my foot down. He now listens and does what I tell him too, with a little back talk but none-the-less he does it.

Today I came up with a new idea. After watching the severe teacher draw pictures for her tier 3 class I thought I might try the same thing. I drew everyone’s name on the table and when they answered correctly I decorated their name and made it pretty and bold so that they could show each other and my cooperating teacher. They loved it and did whatever I asked so that I would decorate their name and make it pretty. The little girl in the group is quite the complainer but today she was all smiles and correct answers. Today was a good day. I am being observed on Thursday by my advisor for the final time and I hope things go as well as they did today. I kind of wish today had been Thursday but I am praying that it goes as well. Hopefully I can think of something creative by then!

WISH ME LUCK! I will write again soon! Enjoy the weather 🙂


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